The title is in regards to the Authors of Pain, the NXT Tag team champions, and their eventual rise to the main roster. Based on their size and skill set, you have to think that they will be promoted to Raw when they do move up. We’ve seen a great deal of “big” talents that have come and the expectation is: due to their stature, we have to move them up the ladder quickly.

NXT has done a nice job in their build which led to their eventual title reign, but we know that the expectations, with the writing teams, are considerably different between NXT and Raw. There are a lot of people that believe that the Authors of Pain should win the Raw tag team championships quickly, but there are some like myself that believe that slowly building towards the big prize would be amazing for these guys.

As you can see from the picture, these guys have a distinct look and they move around the ring with great skill. Kind of reminds me of a much bigger and stronger 3 Minute Warning; Those guys could fly in the ring and it was an absolute delight to see Jamal and Rosey dominate the scene with their skill level for their size. I think it was awesome to see them play henchmen for Eric Bischoff!

The point i’m making is: I feel the right course for the Authors of Pain is to bring them in as guys making an impact. They could possibly align with a heel that needs the “bodyguard assistance” to be his enforcer. My opinion is: if you push them up too quickly, you’re going to dilute the quality of the tag division by having them squash everyone. It’s kind of inevitable based on their skill set, but just for a year it would be nice to see them slowly rise up, beating down opponents, and eventually getting into the tag team division and having their destiny come to fruition with them raising the tag team titles.

Personally, I believe the WWE will bring them up with Paul Ellering and have them dominate towards the tag titles in months time. I just want to present another thought process of the cause and effect that it presents itself when a brute force of a tag team comes in and squashes quality talents like: Sheamus/Cesaro and Anderson/Gallows. It lessens their effectiveness, but the only way to book monsters like these is to let them be monsters.

Seeing these guys involved in squash matches and rising to the top, eventually, would be an amazing way to build these champions. I love the work the Authors of Pain does and I hope that the WWE considers their options on how to build this team. If it’s not done correctly, then 3 minutes and they’re out of here.